Becoming a Responder

Can I become a 4×4 Responder?

  • Do you own or have regular access to a 4×4 Vehicle?
  • Do you want to help your community in times of bad weather or other emergency?
  • Are you prepared to undergo background checks for PVG (Protection of Vulnerable Groups) and NPPV (Non Police Personnel Vetting)?

If the answer to all of the above is Yes, then we would love to hear from you.

As Responders, we are typically working alongside the Police and other Emergency Services, so the basic training and assessment has to be in place.

To become a Responder, we require you to achieve the following key competencies:

  1. Amateur Radio Foundation Licence
  2. Basic First-Aid
  3. On and Off Road Navigation
  4. Exercise Participation – Take part in a practical exercise to demonstrate the competencies above.


When we get called out, it is likely to be due to a weather related incident which also affects power, and hence the mobile phone network. By holding an Amateur Radio licence, we can operate independently of the mobile phone network, and in an operational environment it is beneficial to be able to monitor all communications between responders and Control. We also have access to Repeater technology to extend coverage, and link into other networks.

We have arranged Amateur Radio Foundation courses at no cost to members, apart from the cost of the Exam. Typically this will be run over a weekend, and passing the exam will get you a licence that is yours in perpetuity (provided you renew your registration with OFCOM).


A typical call out will involve you being tasked to go to a given location, and then be dispatched to further locations to possibly deliver supplies or provide assistance. We need to know that you are capable of finding your own way to that location. We run Map Reading training, and run a practical assessment to ensure you are capable of doing this. This competency needs to be renewed at least every two years.

Off Road Driving Assessment

Whilst many of our Responders are regular off road drivers, we need to ensure that everyone is able to demonstrate they know how to control their vehicle in poor conditions. We run practical assessments at an off road driving site, and Responders are required to renew this assessment every two years.

Call Out Exercise Participation

We run exercises to bring all the skills together, and practice the group being called out. For example, Responders may be tasked to meet at an RV point, then take instructions from Control via Radio and complete a number of set tasks.

Group Meeting/Training Evenings

The Group meets in Perth on the last Thursday of every month. These evenings allow the Group to meet up, discuss any training topics as required and conduct a detailed debrief of any recent callout.  Sometimes the Training Evening will be used as one of the practical assessments e.g. Navigation Exercise or Call out Exercise

Training Events such Amateur Radio or First Aid training usually take place at the weekends  and plenty of notice is given to allow Responders the opportunity to sign up to these courses.

Interested? How to Join

Please get in touch with us through the Form below. You will need to provide phone contact details so our Membership Secretary can call you and arrange for you to attend a group meeting and complete the rest of the paperwork and meet the rest of the group.

Once you have passed the PVG check, you will be able to join as a Basic member and access the Members area. As a Basic member, you would accompany a Responder if called out.

Once you have successfully passed the NPPV check and achieved the 4 Core Competencies above, you will be regarded as a Responder, and able to attend a call out in your own right.

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Tayside 4x4 Response is a Scottish Registered Charity No. SC042452