About Tayside 4X4 Response

We provide voluntary 24/7 four-wheel drive transport and logistical support to Category 1 and 2 responders and the voluntary services in Tayside to support our community.

Tayside 4×4 Response consists of 4×4 owners who volunteer their time and use of their own personal vehicles to assist ’Blue Light’ emergency services when called on by the Tayside Local Resilience Partnership.

Typically Tayside 4×4 Response has been called to help with

  • transporting key medical/NHS/999 staff in icy and snowy road conditions roads where traditional vehicles were no longer a viable option
  • Patient repatriation
  • meals on wheels delivery
  • provide assistance to other vehicles when needed
  • gaining access to remote areas in flooded conditions

During these difficult times on the roads, logistics are maintained through our own volunteer controller network ensuring that the assistance required is delivered as timely and as safely as possible. All our volunteer responders are assessed in their capabilities and familiarised with their vehicles, many have first aid training and most importantly are very happy to be helping their local community.
Tayside 4×4 Response is open to the general public, and anyone may seek to join and volunteer their time as an active responder or perhaps as a support member where help with logistics, fund raising etc. is always welcome.

We are always on the lookout for ‘like minded’ people to come and join the group, you don’t need to have a tricked out 4X4 – you don’t even need to have a 4X4 as there are other tasks which can be performed, e.g. Liaison or Controller.

How does it work?

All our Responders are trained to ensure that they meet a minimum standard (see the Becoming a Responder page).

When a situation occurs, we may be called upon by the local Councils Emergency Planning Officer through the Tayside Local Resilience Partnership.

When our Duty Controller receives a request for assistance, we use an SMS paging to alert all the Responders. Those who are available can immediately respond via SMS meaning we can very quickly advise how much help we can offer.

The Responders will usually be given a Rendezvous point to go to and from there, using our own communications network will be tasked by our Controller with carrying out the necessary duties as required by the LRP and the on-site Incident Officer.